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September 04, 2008

Springing Into Action

Playing a car mechanic in a recent Septa commercial produced an unusual foible. Let me set the stage. The venerable West Philadelphia street for our set location was closed to oncoming traffic. Pedestrians were stopped on the corner sidewalks as crew begged patience until between takes.
My head lowered into the engine block of a 1969 Ford Thunderbird awaiting a wrangler to relay the director’s cue of action over a wireless headset. My swinging wrench inched above the actual engine part. My role playing fooled the strange man who moved to a standing position behind me. I turned my head. Looking at one another, we shared the same what are you doing here stare. Holding up something concealed in a green plastic garbage bag, he appeared nervous and jittery. His thieving eyes thirsted for an immediate payoff.
“You wanna buy a used Playstation system on the cheap?”
“Ugh…I am an actor. These aren’t even my clothes.”
He looked as baffled about my answer as I was about his proposition. He swiveled his head for cameras that might have caught him on tape fencing stolen property. Since I held no currency and wrenches were not tools of his trade, he was not overly optimistic about consummating a deal. When he heard the word “Action!” he sprung into action himself by running away off camera. I didn't have the right tools to mend this fence.



Blogger mommanator said...

just thank God he wasn't a gangster with a un instead of a play station

9:55 PM  
Blogger Joe Tornatore said...

if he said give me the keys, I don't think he wouldbelieve that I did not have them. lol

5:58 PM  

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