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May 15, 2008

Foot in the Door

As children, nearly every neighborhood kid played the timeless game of hide and seek outdoors in the great wide open. When I was a kid, we often played with no out of bound markers and the playing field stretched as far as you could get away. One sun shining day, the exhilarating fun turned frightful when two neighborhood children failed to return from the game. The curious children, who had explored their surroundings, found an old abandoned industrial freezer in the woods. It seemed to be the perfect place to hide until the freezer door latch fell into a locked position. It trapped both of them on the inside of the appliance. The neighborhood banded together and formed a search party. By the grace of God, the confined children were found alive on only panted breath.
I began to recite this cautionary tale to my children who had started to play hide and seek games of their own. My children are no different than most in thinking they know everything of this world with only a foot in the door. They interrupted my parental toned voice and jumped ahead of the story just to hear me shut up.
My oldest daughter took the lead. “Yeah, yeah we know not to do that, Dad. These stupid kids probably would have froze to death.”
“Froze to death?” I repeated. “It was summer time.”
“The freezer, Dad.” reminded my youngest daughter. “I agree with sissy. It must have been ice cold in there.”



Blogger mommanator said...

We had a similiar thing happen in our neighborhood a few years back. They finally found her in the freezer downstairs playing, but that freezer was on. Thankfully just taking outside in the warmth of the summers day warmed her up! That day sure made an impression on my kids. We searched the whole neighborhood for what seemed an eternity! We thought someone had kidnapped her. although children say yeh ok Mom/Dad-it still bears repeating if just to spare another life!

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Captain Of Your Ship said...

Arrrrr! Why are kids hiding in freezers? I don't understand how you could not have boundaries when you were a kid Mr. Tornado. That's the first thing we did when we played, otherwise, which ever team hide first would never be caught because they could go anywhere! Arrrrrr!

P.S. The Trivia question for the day from your Captain is. Which horror film used a freezer to trap it's victims?

5:48 AM  
Blogger Joe Tornatore said...

We didn't have boundary issues growing up. lol And I do not know the answer to your trivia question.

5:28 PM  
Anonymous The Captain Of Your Ship said...

Arrrrr. Yes, I guess back then we didn't need boundaries for issues, but today there are too many issues, so I think we need more boundaries! Arrr.....

Sorry you don't know the Captain's trivia question, maybe one day you'll watch the horror film and know, if you like horror films that is. It will be a nice surprise for you matey!!! Arrrrr!

The Captain Of Your Ship

11:24 PM  

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