Freudian Slips: A Spring Fling of Winter

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April 06, 2006

A Spring Fling of Winter

My four mile commute to work today included four separate but distinct weather patterns. It started out as an innocent day with sunshine peaking out of partial cloudiness. A mile into my drive, clouds blanketed the sky and spouted a hard rain. I kicked my windshield wipers on full speed. A couple of blocks later, the rain stopped. I silenced the wipers. A brief respite followed before light pebbly sleet tinged off of the windshield. The wiper blades were turned back on. The temperature outside must have dropped because I began to feel cold enough to turn on the heater unit. About a mile ahead, I could see a great wall of whiteout sweeping left to right. I wasn't real sure what I was about to drive into. When the sleet line ended, I didn’t bother to touch my moving wiper blades. Good thing. I drove right into a wall of wind swept snow.
Just yesterday I purchased tomato plants for the garden. It just goes to snow you.



Blogger rfvgardens said...

I think yesterday was Mother Nature's way of reminding us of all the tricks she still has up her sleeve for those people who like to push the envelope and plant annuals before Mother's Day.
"Da plantin' season ain't among us jest yet Jed."

7:48 AM  
Anonymous CATHERINE MARY said...

Joe, I have the real and only reason for that snow yesterday. I have been married to Ed for almost 13 years and have known him for 14 years. Every year he tells me about the onion snow. That, was an onion snow! This year we will have an abundance of onions. THE WORLD ACCORDING TO ED SHOUP! WAA,WAA,WAA.

8:38 PM  
Blogger Joe Tornatore said...

nicely stated...I tink.

Catheirne Mary,
It takes an onion story to bring a tear to my eye.

9:12 PM  
Anonymous Catherine Mary said...

That's what my waa,waa,waa, was.

9:16 PM  
Blogger Joe Tornatore said...

Catherine Mary,
I see that there are many layers to that onion story.

9:18 PM  
Anonymous Catherine Mary said...

Joe, Onions have many, many layers.
Too Many layers!

2:42 AM  
Blogger Weary Hag said...

Oh yes, it never fails that we have some spring-like weather before another blast of winter. They might as well just call it the fifth season "post-winter" ...
after all Joe, that is why you POSTed about it, right?

12:15 PM  
Blogger Joe Tornatore said...

actually, I had writer's blog, I mean block. lol

3:02 PM  

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