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February 13, 2005

The Booby Prize

booby prize, noun. -An award given to the one who performs worst in a game or contest. Informal acknowledgment of great inferiority, as in ability.

Richard Hatch, the first winner of the hit TV show Survivor, recently got himself into trouble with the law. Reportedly, the IRS went after Richard Hatch for tax evasion. I am not talking about rounding up to the nearest dollar on a tax return or having no receipt for a pair of jeans donated to the Salvation Army. I am talking about failing to report a one million dollar windfall and another $300,000 for a public appearance on a radio show. What was Hatch thinking? Better stated, why wasn’t Hatch thinking? In this day and age when the long-armed IRS frowns upon even bartering goods and services, there is no chance to go undetected and under the radar screen when you appeared on a mini-series winning a million dollar grand prize. Stomp around on live television grossly naked and acting pompous for thirteen consecutive weeks and you stand an amoeba’s chance at legs. Richard Hatch you dropped the ball once by not wearing clothes on prime time television but you dropped the ball twice failing to report your prize money. If I ever find your picture next to the definition of booby prize, I pray to the Patron Saint of Fashion that you will be wearing clothes. Hatching a plan….I think not. Any fool who laughs all the way to the bank better make sure their accounting is in order. Check out the story at:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a boob!!!!!! Makes you wonder how a person can "not" know that they have to pay taxes?
Do you think he thought they were gifts and not taxable? Post by ET

11:43 AM  

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