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January 27, 2005

Super Bowl XXXIX

Absolute hysteria is surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles trip to the Super Bowl. As a diehard consummate Eagles fan, I am reveling in the round the clock pigskin hoopla. Pro football has long been my favorite spectator sport. One of my earliest memories of the Philadelphia Eagles goes back to nine years of age. The Eagles were one of the most hapless football franchises in the early 1970’s. I remember glancing at a picture buried in the sports page of The Philadelphia Inquirer. I didn’t really read the newspaper in those days but the picture intrigued me. The picture showed an Eagles defensive player sitting dejected on a bench after another excruciating loss. The caption read, The Eagles Will Wynn…but when? I am 42 years old and the Eagles have yet to win a Super Bowl. I am hoping that on February 6, 2005 The Philadelphia Eagles answer this 35 year old question of when will we they win. That was when a bald eagle and an Eagles fan really were endangered species. Now that the Philadelphia Eagles made it to the Big Dance, fans are coming out of the woodwork. The Courier Post came out to my house the other day. What I thought would be a few photographs of my sports memorabilia collection turned into a lengthy interview with a reporter and a photo shoot. I think they liked what they saw. I described myself as a “sports historian.” With my own two hands, it took me three years to decorate and furnish the lower level of our house into a virtual sports Mecca or as the article reads a “veritable carnival of delights.”

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