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December 08, 2009

Biting the Silver Bullet

Joseph Tornatore in Coors Light commercial.
The first time I saw the markings on Coors Light cold-activated beer cans turn from blue to white in my hand, I got labeled a slow sipper amongst the partygoers. The second time that I was in the company of this same beer can I was frothing at the mouth filming a Coors Light commercial.

On one hand, one could make a case that the color-changing picture of Rocky Mountains on scraps of recycled aluminum is a crafty invention but not when you are shooting a commercial for the product itself. Actors had to keep those shiny cans frosty cold with the label angled towards the rolling camera. The crew had to keep cans cold in a nearby refrigerator then continuously swap them for warm beers that had spent too much time in front of the camera and thereby warmed to room temperature.

If there is a downside for a fun-loving guy shooting a beer commercial, it’s the overlooked rule that alcohol consumption is prohibited on the set. All day long, take after take, I longed to pop a top and drink from a Silver Bullet cam. There is plenty of truth in advertising for this actor. I played a news reporter in this commercial and I would like to report that this beer was made for drinking.

You can view the entire thirty second Coors Light commercial on Poptent for a limited time.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I think my friend from high school, John Graves, was in that commercial with you. He is the handsome guy in the glasses.

9:02 PM  
Anonymous et said...

Joe, you look so cool in this Coors Light commercial. I'm impressed!

9:20 PM  

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