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September 09, 2009

The Dermatologist's Fleshy Escort for a Barmitzva

I thought this recent posting on a website for actors sounded a little fishy but the gefilte may not be a joke...I found this doctor actually listed with licensure on the internet.
Hello to all lovely Actresses and Models in the Baltimore area!!! Are you between the ages of 35 and 50? A wonderful gentleman, Dr. #$%$#&^ needs a beautiful companion to his nephew's Barmitzva. This is a simple but fun job! Well paying, too! He is paying $150.00 per hour to accompany him to this grand soiree'.On the evening of October 22nd, all you have to do is dress up, look your best and have a wonderful time experiencing a religious traditional ceremony.No, there will be no flirting, no touching or kissing. Just smile, eat and dance.... enjoy collecting your $600.00 at the end of the evening. Sound simple? Well, it is.Dr. @#^$% will pay you the promised six hundred dollars, even if the evening lasts only an hour or two...You still get your $600.00 dollars. Though the evening should not be more that 4 hours max, it could go over just a bit, but doubtful. The good Doctor will pick you up at your home, office or designated place, then will drop youoff at this same local.This distinguished, well known Doctor of Dermatology is highly respected and trusted...Nothing funny or fishy here. Except the gefilte! I too, am a well-known Actress in the region and I do trust this man...after all, he is my Doctor and I have known him for many years.So, if you want a quick bunch of cash....E-mail Dr. @#$&^* at @#$%#% Please, if interested, put Barmitzva in the subject line,Place your jpeg head shot in the body of the email. NOT as an attachment.
If you don't follow the directions, your emails may possibly not be acknowledged. Once agreed to do this, absolutely no cancellations!!!Thank you and have a great time!!!



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