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June 17, 2007

Soul in a Bowl

The culmination of life amounts to the indelible imprint on our soul. I see no other explanation than humans being an intelligent model designed by a higher power. From the moment we arrive on this earth, we squirm free but are subject to physical boundaries and its nagging mortality. Gravity and the laws of the universe begin to press on us in a mad mad world.
I have never prescribed to one lifetime being enough time to get things right down here. Reincarnation seems plausible for it would mean the marriage of one soul to many lifetimes. I believe that our thoughts are not only real things but they are as important as our actions. For this reason, I believe that life also occurs on a subconscious level. Reactions to past thoughts become our fate, destiny, and karma. An individual’s fate is simply the rebounding effects of previous choices remembered by its soul. I believe the soul of each individual has purpose driven fate.
We live for today but ultimately we are here for a better tomorrow. In the meantime, souls have debts to pay over the course of many lifetimes. God is not keeping tally with a scorecard. God has created us as free will beings exercising our own destiny. We are small worlds unto ourselves and entire universes effecting each other in an ever-changing matrix. Contrary to crime and punishment sociology, sin is really crime against ourselves. Since our conscious mind is not always in tune with our subconscious, it is up to each individual to derive purpose and meaning from free will choices. The green green grass of our soul wants it that way. Time and space do not matter as much as we have been conditioned to believe in this measured existence, for poor choices can substantially derail the development of an infinite soul.
What is with all this heavy introspection on Freudian Slips? I just got to thinking of my purpose driven life while scrubbing toilet bowls in an interfaith church for supplemental income.

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Blogger Zelda Parker said...

With your reasoning in mind a "Deja Vu" experience may be something that really happened in another space and time.

8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am one who is mostly driven by my sub-conscience, so the following is my view of life:

We, as humans, are always driven to seek the melding of our Conscience and Sub-Conscience minds with the Universal Force of Energy. Be still and know your maker and be guided by same!

Joe, you seemed to, in the most unlikely of places, have come close to visualizing the ultimate reason for your existence.

8:26 AM  
Anonymous Jennifer said...

When we take a hard look around us, the world doesn't seem to make much sense. If we go by appearances, it would seem that countless people have escaped the noose of fate: many an evil person has died peacefully in bed. Worse, good and noble people have suffered without apparent cause, their goodness being repaid by hatred and torture. Witness the Holocaust; witness child abuse.

If we look only on the surface, the universe appears absurd at best, malevolent at worst. But that's because we're not looking deeply; we're only viewing this lifetime, seeing neither the lives that precede this one nor the lives that may follow. When we see a calamity or a triumph, we're seeing only one freeze frame of a very, very long movie. We can see neither the beginning nor the end of the movie. What we do know, however, is that everyone, no matter how depraved, will eventually, through the course of many lifetimes and undoubtedly through much suffering, come to realize his or her own divine nature. That is the inevitable happy ending of the movie.

P.S. That was must have been one hell of a dirty toilet bowl.

9:19 AM  
Blogger Joe Tornatore said...

Your insight BOWLED me over.

10:14 AM  
Blogger Joe Tornatore said...

When you can find the meaning of life in a toilet bowl, there isn't a bad place to look.

I was just going to say that. lol

10:16 AM  

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