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January 02, 2005

Prayers Before Tsunami Water Sells on Ebay

Before the first vial of tsunami water sells on Ebay for $12.99, I feel compelled to discuss humanity. The images of the Indonesian tsunami’s devastation are unprecedented. A quarter of a million people could be lost when it is all said and done. A quarter of a million people! That is as cataclysmic of a world event that I can bear in my lifetime. I am not a doomsayer but the tsunami has raised questions in me that tear at the fabric of my being. Why is it that the most abominable natural disaster in the history of the world in terms of human lives lost hasn’t garnered the media attention it deserves? I do not know.
Did the earthquake and tsunami strike at an inconvenient time when Christians were unfurling white doilies on the dinner table at Christmas or the world prepared to indulge in a blitzkrieg of alcohol on New Years Eve? I do not know.
As a nation, America stands proudly at the forefront of relief efforts underway but how come many of its citizens, in part, act so insulated from the devastation? Is the insulation a result of the distance between us and the effected Indonesian countries? Can it be explained in terms of miles? More media attention was devoted to the terrorist attacks of September 11th yet the loss of life pales in comparison to the number of people just drowned in the Indian ocean. Aftershocks must be waning because the story is barely front page news a week later.
Maybe the tsunami cannot pang deeper into our consciousness because this wasn’t man’s doing. The tsunami can be explained in terms of an accident as the result of mother’s nature fury. There seems to be an inherent emotional discount if Mother Nature is the perpetrator but a bottomless culpability if man creates his own malevolence. Compare the human loss in the holocaust verses The Black Plague. The first image to blame for the holocaust is dictator Adolf Hitler. Try that little brain teaser with The Black Plaque. The poster child for The Black Plague is…non-descript and anonymous. Rightly or wrongly, evil can be embodied in a way that mother nature can’t find sponsors.
This explains why we were inundated with round the clock media coverage of the OJ Simpson trial and the Scott Perterson trial? Why did people get so emotionally invested in the horrific story of the desperate lady who eviscerated an unsuspecting pregnant woman for her unborn baby then showed off the stolen infant to her pastor? I believe it was because goodwill to others got lost on the road to Wicked. One life is as precious as the next but we may be talking about a quarter of a million people wiped off the planet. Evil seizes headlines while Mother Nature’s fury seems to digest on less antacid. If OJ Simpson’s vehicle never ran out of getaway gas, CNN cameras might still be following the white van on a live feed.
If you allow your soul to grieve for the tsunami toll – the lives lost and shattered, the orphaned children, the millions of homes leveled, waterborne disease, resulting famine, etc. what do you truly feel? I feel an all encompassing empathy and compassion God put inside me. If God bears the parenthood to his children’s feelings, is it a safe tenet to conclude God also weeps when we willfully do harm to one another single handedly or in world wars? Moreover, does God weep when his Mother Nature runs amuck?
Creationists believe God created both human beings and the heavens and the earth. Did God just set the earth and its parts spinning into motion? Like sand in an hourglass, are we left to our own devices and Mother Nature’s mercy? I do not know. Doomsayers, evil doers, and warmongers, take timeout out of our busy lives and pray for humanity. Let us pray.



Blogger PaxRomano said...

It's a sad comment on this world, that when a horror like this occurs, we in the U.S. hardly blink an eye...but why should that come as a surprise? We are a self-centered lot who spend more in a few weeks to, allegedly, celebrate the making of our “god” incarnate, than a third world worker makes in a year.

Joy to the World, well, to my world, the hell with everyone else’s.

7:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You ask does God weep? My answer is......I truly believe.........weeping is one thing God chooses not to do. Weeping is our job. Just think about it a moment! We weep when we are happy or sad. We cry when we are physically hurt. We shed copious tears when our souls are damaged by hurtful events that can't be physically seen by others. Our tear ducts overflow with moisture when we are touched by kindness. One of the best ways to touch God is to feel empathy for others. This is so because empathy comes from the spirit and God is Love. Sometimes, when the horrors of living are too much for one's comprehension, one tends to withdraw and not all that you perceive is reality. Have empathy for those who appear not to love. Love to you and Pax. Post by ET

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow ET you may be giving us too much credit. are you sure there is more to this human race then self centered desires?

7:20 PM  
Blogger HoneybeeMissy said...

I believe that many of us live in the "out of sight, out of mind" world. Depending on which news channel you watched depicts how much knowledge one has on a situation. I cannot speak to the newspapers coverage, as my source of news is the TV and the internet, so I will take your word that one week later the story was no longer a front page story. I personally was consumed by the CNN coverage and stayed awake many nights into the wee hours of the morning however, I do believe that what has happened; call it mother nature if you want, I prefer to believe that God chose to do this for a purpose. What purpose you might ask and that I cannot answer as no one really can. I am deeply worried about the children and of course the adult survivors too. Image if you can the traumatic life that they will live from here on out. Society does not think like we do, caring giving individuals that you and I are. It is wonderful that millions of dollars have been raised to help but in time people will struggle to remember where and when this tragedy occurred. We will not have anniversary memorial fund raisers like we do for 9/11.


3:59 AM  
Blogger Joe Tornatore said...

MS, this post was written on 1-2-05. I admit now that this country, the world for that matter, has responded with a coalition of humanitarian efforts. The bad news is that it looks like I am on target with the death toll.

8:25 AM  
Blogger HoneybeeMissy said...

Joe, Indeed you are right about the toll and the toll seems to be never ending - My heart aches and my eyes swell with tears as I see the faces of the many, yet what can I do? What can any of us really do?

12:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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